What Others Have To Say

“Duncan I want to thank you again for your coaching so far, no ****ing way would I’ve been able to scale this fast without your guidance and I know you’ve committed an insane amount of with helping me”

Ethan D.

"Vindex didn't promise me miracles like others did. They promised me stability and continuity in sales and a predictable business. I've been running stable numbers with only 2 products since 1 year. Thank you for letting me sleep without being stressed out!"

Adam R.

"Kevin, thank you for all the knowledge you've given me - It's appreciated more than you can understand"

Jessica N.

“The guys at Vindex have helped me in more ways than I can count. Our brand was significantly down after months of struggling to get ads consistent and working with Kevin, Duncan and their team was truly life saving. Looking forward to whats to come!”

Rudolph Z.

"I randomly found out about Vindex from a friend of mine who was more than happy with their service. And what can i say - they delivered like promised. Not only on the ad side of things but also on the backend."

Jonas S.

"Since I started implementing the advice I received about my content my ads have been absolutely crushing..... We've continued to double down and the results have been amazing."

Simon B.